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We can make blinds to fit any window whatever the shape or size. Our aim is to meet your blind or awning needs at a price that’s right for you. If our off the shelf products will do the job, we promise we won’t convince you that you need our bespoke services.

Assembly and Glue Up

How to accurately install hinges and add a shop-made ebony lift in part six of our video workshop on box making.

Tight-Fitting Trays

A tried and true finish for a box. Learn about applying it in the final segment of our video workshop on boxmaking.

Hinges and More

Test your mettle with a challenging new twist on dovetails. It’s part three in our video workshop on box making.

Top and Bottom Panels

How to make floating panels to accommodate seasonal wood movement. It’s episode four in our video series on box making.

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"I would also like to say thank you so much to all. We can't understand how we've been living without it."
Hugh I
Lead Designer
"This is great. I couldn't have asked for more than this. It is the most valuable business resource."
Kari A
Operation Manager
"Without this, we would have bankrupted. Absolutely wonderful! Just what I was looking for."
Odelle G
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