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I have the right stuff for your next project
I’m a freelance fashion designer who specialises in print designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry.


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  • Ahoy!
  • Natures guidelines.
  • Watching the world go by at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.🇨🇭#inlovewithswitzerland #ilovelucerne #lakelucerne #lucerne
  • Silence...
  • Some places in the world are just magical. This is definitely one of them. #rubjergknude #denmark 🇩🇰
  • Recently, I had the opportunity to test out a selection of the latest smartphones, provided by One of them included the new Sony Xperia XZ1. This phone has so many cool features! One of them is the advanced burst-mode, which makes you maintain focus on your subject while shooting in highspeed. Be sure to check out the link in my bio to see the full review and samples in Super slow motion. @SonyXperiaNL #Wow #Xperia #smartphone #sp
  • This perfect little paradise is the beach of Erimitis on Paxos in Greece. 🇬🇷 It is one of the 5 highlights I mentioned in my new blog, in where you can read all about my recent visit to this relaxing Island. Find the link in the bio (in Dutch). #ilovegriekenland #greece #paxos #blog #travel
  • When things become clear...
  • That stormy day at the Hoge Venen, Belgium. #echteardennen #lovewallonia
  • I still can’t believe the amount of pictures I have taken in Switzerland… what a place. 😍 #inlovewithswitzerland
  • Chasing light… This is the statue of Georgios Anemoyiannis in the Gaios harbour of Paxos, Greece. 🇬🇷He is seen as a local hero on Paxos. During the Greek War of Independence in 1821 he rowed out with a lighted torch to set fire to the Turkish fleet moored at Nafpaktos. He was wounded in the attempt, captured and burnt alive
  • Low flight.