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  • Super excited to be showing a selection of images from the Children of Climate Change series here @mountainfilm this weekend as a part of  #TheNewNormalIf you’re around for the art walk today swing through @slategraygallery and come say hey! Also be sure to check out the other shows - awesome work from @thealchemistress @renanozturk @e.l.johns @stephenmdupont and heaps more@canyonsage and I will be at Slate all afternoon along with legends @argonautphoto and @danny_schmidt@amplifierfoundation is sharing some beautiful (and free!) art @ghsottowntelluride next door, and we’ve got a few limited edition postcard prints for you guys to snag downstairs at SlateMassive thanks to the Pacific Climate Warriors (@fentonluntun, Koreti, Kavika, Debby, and all the crew!) for allowing @canyonsage and I to share a small piece of their story. Thanks also to @kt_klings and @davidholbrooke for rallying the troops around #TheNewNormal and continuing to prioritize  and stimulate conversations around climate change and inspiring action here at #MF17. Big thanks also to Drew Ludwig, @elliotstudio and @colorspace_artimaging
  • hello old friends
  • Alaska. Where the "small" ones still feel pretty damn big.
  • I swear I saw a mountain over here somewhere
  • we wake again in the half light. rote motions and muscle memory. old flags and thin ropes fumbled and furled, worn anecdotes to the omnipresent creep of cold and the shadows of predawn doubts.
  • awake again. or maybe still. light on the horizon now. too cold fingers hammering a hard to feel shutter button, a camera body flopping against my right hip bone, firing mostly shots of the ground, but occasionally catching graham, swirling out ahead, picking the line through fog blurred morning eyes and the soft treacherous folds of early spring on the glacier. there is comfort in the intense focus of uncertainty, of stories still untold, folded layers of time pressed tight, air to ice to skin to soul.
  • "There's gold up in them hills." Or at least that's what they told me down at the Fairview inn. A few days later, after a quick plane ride, a bit of walking and much digging, it became apparent that it's mostly rock and ice particulates in various stages of freezing and falling, a perpetually shifting treadmill of cold beauty and previously incomprehensible proportion (to me at least), through which we clamberclawcrawled and climbed, occasionally unearthing treasures of a different sort.
  • Behold, Camp Quesadilla. #notquitesummertime and #thelivingisgreasy
  • Easy come easy go, medium come medium go, hard come hard go; your choice, mostly, and most of your choosing matters
  • Now, I see
  • "The plane lurches as she plows drunkenly through the thin scrim of grey that masks the frozen earth below. My chest tightens involuntarily, my feet cold now on the thin carpet of the aisle. I have long dreamed of this place. The North, the last frontier, the land of beyond. In my dreams it was not so big. Nor cold. In my dreams I could wake up and be warm. In my dreams, I was, most certainly a fool." - 3.31.17 AK Excerpt // Weather permitting we'll head into the Ruth Gorge today to spend the next two weeks camping out on the glacier and perhaps trundling up a mountain or two. Couldn't ask for better friends to head out there with, fellows whose skills in the hills are matched only by their patience and humor and genuine passion for shared adventures. @grahamzimmerman @brodyleven
  • "Hello earthlings" // The Time Travers