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  • stand a little closer, look a little longer. may you always remember the path that leads you back... 🧡
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  • 4:37pm yesterday afternoon. Eastbound out of Atlanta. I brake hard and pull my rental car into the median. Opening the driver door I run through mud and kneehigh grass, pounding rain hissing off the asphalt and hammering the silver backs of tractor trailers as they slam brakes and swerve lanes. A small battered pickup truck with front end hanging in pieces sits cockeyed, facing traffic in the fast lane. The driver looks shaken but sits himself back behind the wheel. Another fellow who has pulled over sets his shoulder into the broken grill of the totaled rig, and together we roll it out of the freeway .
.  I pull over at the next exit to wash my hands and clean where the skin caught and tore on the ragged metal of the wreck. I wonder absentmindedly what made me stop. A split second reaction to pull from the flow of rubber necking motorists with places to be and problems enough of our own .
.  I’ve passed by plenty of people who needed my help. I pass them by each day. Cheaper by the dozen, hundred, thousand - the more there are the easier to look away. Always with a clever excuse close at hand as to why I am almost, *but not quite* the right person to help, not today - tomorrow surely - just not today, not right now. Too busy, too ill equipped, too self absorbed .
.  I watch blood swirl down the drain of the Racetrak sink as I peel back skin and scrub some soap into the flap, 100 types of milkshake. This gas station’s claim to fame. Churning slushees line the wall above candy island. I dry my hands, the bleeding stopped, and walk back out into rain, smiling for the better part of no reason .
.  It’s not that we don’t all have an innate capacity to do good and help others. we do. it’s rather that we - or hell, I at least - forget. too busy, too scared, or too numbed by the false security of self importance. I don’t think I’ll ever be cured of those tendencies, ever be free of the deceits of ego and fear, but I’m sure as hell happy for the reminders when they come. Basic human goodness isn’t something we find when we arrive at the top, out there, or tomorrow. It’s something we are born with, whose roots sit deep and are watered by the small deeds
  • Grateful for the reminder that films and friends provide each year through sharing raw, honest, and challenging stories of humanity coupled with rambunctious, ridiculous and joyous celebrations of life. Left this year’s gathering at @mountainfilm reminded that it is the small things, the day to day, that create bridges to understanding and kindness and community and all those things that we need more of if we really want to nudge the needle on something larger than ourselves. Wake up, look up, stand up, reach out; we are all fragile, we are all human, and we are all in this together.
  • If you’re at @mountainfilm today come find the @Hawkwatch and Sky Migrations crew on main street from 1-3! We’ll be hanging out with Aymara - a rescued Swainsons Hawk - eating ice cream and chatting birds + conservation @charles_post @max.lowe #mountainfilm #hawkwatch #icecream #radicalraptors
  • “Looking into and eagle’s changes you” Mike told us quietly, his eyes trained to the north along a craggy ridge line. We sat in the blind silently, unmoving, necks craned and eyes scanning. It is a hard thing to describe I guessed and later felt. Our film Sky Migrations is an attempt to share some of that feeling, the sense of awe and wonder and wild that these birds carry as they traverse thousands of miles over multiple hemispheres and a diversity of landscapes on their ancient migration path. Historically what we humans feel and how these birds affect us was inconsequential. That has changed though. With human sprawl introducing new threats to wild habitat and the ecosystems where raptors thrive, our feelings towards these creatures, our interactions with and connection to them matter more than ever. We need new stewards, we need young folks on the front lines, and we need people to care. The Hawkwatch banding sites are a way to gather data and help track the health of raptor populations over time, but they are also sites that are open to the public to visit and get a brief introduction to these birds - not just as specks in the sky or distractions out the corner of your eye, but as wild powerful apex predators that rely on huge swaths of wilderness to continue to thrive. Excited to share our little film with the @mountainfilm family this weekend, big thanks to @hawkwatch, @floatingfeather and all the Hawkwatch field crews, to @max.lowe and @charles_post for being such enthusiastic and caring collaborators and to @sam.hedlund for the edit weaving, @iloweanker for illustrations and @evanphillipsak for music
  • Cascade chameleon with a taste for the toothsome
  • By now we were about ten miles off route, and everything was going fine and we were having a pleasant time. I knew where there were some beers under a boulder in the stream two days walk from here and took comfort in that as well as knowing what silly fellows we had grown up to be.
  • omnist rays for the prove it send
  • what the cavern provided in scenic repose, it lacked in warm cheese dips and many other amenities which the modern man has been found partial to. even the greatest explorers require basic amenities. at dawn we moved onward, our spirits lofted as if upon the wings of the bats with which we slept the night prior, leathery little air mice that they are
  • if you like to battle rats you may like this cave. my dear compadre Young Eli here is one of the top rat-battlers in the greater Methow area; though he rarely harms them or sends them to meet their makers, for they are nimble-bobs and have earned the right to lord over this domain and its spectacular views. indeed in deed we mostly rest our tired bodies in harmony with the cave creatures and the element of battle is symbolic, if not exactly symbiotic. there, two words with many similar letters to end a story of small meanings, I do hope you find what you are looking for today
  • what a nice place to put some mountain