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  • Putting the “Fun” back in Superfund: an examination of a seemingly illogical marriage between one of America’s most contaminated nuclear superfund sites and outdoor recreation in Colorado’s front range. Thanks to @laurentaylorsteele for your dedication and determination in getting this story right, and to @vice for giving us a platform to share [📷link to full story in my myspace profile📝...just kidding, it’s right here. On @instagram ]
  • “Look, it’s pretty” #freeadvice #issometimesnice
  • Nature being melodramatic AF here in the lost mountains of Northern Kansas
  • As my old pal @garthbrooks likes to say #AndTheThunderRolls #JustPenPals. Bison Works in full swing down on Zapata Ranch w/ @ranchlands @nature_org
  • “60 million bison once roamed across North America in herds so large that a man on horseback would have to ride for days to cover the distance of the roving mass. Yet, by the 1880s, with the West in the crosshairs of expansion, nearly every plains bison on Earth had been shot in the name of ‘progress’ by any means necessary. With bleached skulls peppering the prairie where vast herds once grazed, a group of private ranchers had the foresight to save what bison remained. Fast forward 140 years, and you'll find that every bison roaming across our nation's deserts, forests, plains and grasslands descended from those few individuals. Of the 500,000 or so plains bison alive today in North America, only 4% (20,000) are in conservation herds. @nature_org owns (and @ranchlands manages) one of the largest conservation herds in Colorado, one that comprises 2,500 individuals who call a 50,000 acre unfenced landscape home. This is the front lines of stewardship in the American West. Thanks for leading by example @ranchlands 🙌🏻” 📝 from @charles_post // I couldn’t articulate this better if I removed the  quotations and plagiarized @charles_post’s words for my own. Grateful to continue working alongside Charles and the @ranchlands family to try and tell a story that I believe has broad and bright implications for the future of land management and stewardship across the American West.
  • Part of what makes the @ranchlands bison herd unique is the sheer scope of the open space they inhabit. Unfortunately (for me) that distinguishing factor also makes them rather hard to find out on the range. Iconic bison grazing photos will have to wait, for now I’m enjoying learning from the knowledgeable and passionate crew here at the Zapata ranch as they enter into the third day of their annual round up, an event which provides a unique opportunity for the @nature_org crew to gather data and a better understanding of the genetic characteristics, overall health, and evolution of the herd.
  • Sunup or sundown, if there’s light yet on the horizon, chances are someone out here is still hard at work. Continually inspired by the @ranchlands vision and work ethic and attention to the fundamentally unifying confluences of ranching and conservation, as well as the importance of firecracker chili, fresh baked corn bread, queso, coffee and chocolate chip cookies - in no partucular order
  • Zapata bound. Looking forward to spending the next few days documenting the confluence of conservation and modern ranching as the @ranchlands family conducts their annual roundup of the @nature_org bison herd in the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Southern CO.
  • the edge of darkness is light, the edge of sorrow is peace, what lies between is yours to seek. go gently
  • With a sigh the sun exhales. A last golden breath across the plains, cool blue rolling on the Eastern horizon now, the night chorus triumphant soon in their cacophony. "This land is alive" he said and we both nod. Some things are enough just as they are. Most things even. In this moment I add only a long inhale, a silent thanks hemmed along the inside of my lungs.
  • By hoof, foot, wing and sail, the Dukes, each in their own time, have traversed multiple continents and the oceans between. Working long liners in Alaska, and running cattle in the Australian outback, they amassed a skill set and gathered the knowledge and tools that have helped transition @ranchlands into the twenty first century. While a majority of the work is still done by horseback, they also employ dirt bikes, trucks and this nimble little Husky to help increase efficiency with some of the further reaching aspects of the roundups.
  • "Our working landscape model combines animals and people working to try to preserve the ecosystem." Duke III explains, "A common misconception about ranchers is that they don't care about the land or the animals they work. We do." Indeed, for family ranches like Duke's, the stakes couldn't be higher. Their lives and livelihoods depend on seeking and maintaining that balance in their relationship to the land, the animals, and one another. @ranchlands