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  • Leaning Towers XII // @alixandramorris whirling upwards into a sea of unclimbed rock on the first pitch of her and @jabegg's new line on Hall Peak (Heart Like Hippo 5.10b '800)
  • Leaning Towers XI // Alix came for the rock climbing, but stayed for the snow traversing...right @alixandramorris?!
  • Leaning Towers X // The placebo effect laundry day #dontstanddownwind
  • Leaning Towers IX // We don't always take summit selfies, but when we do, I often get dropped from my equipment insurance policy shortly thereafter.
  • Leaning Towers VIII // @alixandramorris cruising upwards on the second ascent of The Direct East Buttress of Hall Peak (5.9+, 2,000')
  • Leaning Towers VII // On our third day the weather window open wide. Rising in the dark we trundled upwards towards the vague starlit silhouette of Hall Peak, crossing tracks with a mountain lion on the snowfields below - the only other sign of sizable inhabitants we would encounter over the course of the next 7 days. As the late summer sun stretched and yawned into the valley below, we eventually found ourselves at the base of the East Buttress.
  • Leaning Towers VI // For the love of open hearts and spaces 💙 // Jenny scoping the untouched rock faces on the upper reaches of Hall Peak //
  • Leaning Towers V // @alixandramorris searching for the crumbs on Post Credit Cookie. After months of planning, days of rainy bushwhacking, and narrowly escaping an attempted abduction by roving insect swarms in the valley below, this much anticipated encounter with the rock faces of our imaginings had us hooting and laughing til our bellies hurt. Actually our bellies hurt from the red curry the night before, but we were happy.
  • LeaningTowers IV // Breaking free from the hanging cloud that smothers our camp we zig and zag upwards across fresh glacial moraine and raucous tumbling fields of wild flowers, eventually reaching the sloping shoulder at the SW base of Hall Peak. With weather continuing to shift somewhat unpredictably we're hoping this relatively low commitment band of (mostly) dry rock will provide a friendly introduction to the area with a tasty treat of a line (Post Credit Cookie) established by Moriss-Ramos in 2015. #cookieday #precreditcookies
  • Leaning Towers III // As we settle into our basecamp at the foot of Hall Peak (our home for the next 10 days) soggy alpine scrabbles provide a temporary distraction from our delusions of sunny alpine scrambles
  • Leaning Towers II // As we said goodbye to the horse packers and paid homage to our last link to human civilization (the pit toilet), dark clouds churned and grumbled up the drainage to our West. Even on sunny days the approach to Hall Peak necessitates an aggressive no-holds-barred approach to bushwhacking. This would be no sunny day. With intermittent precip forecasted for the coming week, moral slouched with each sogging step, occasionally plunging neck deep into the slide alders, rescued only by the sight of Hall Peak's muscular granite shoulders shrugging into the clouds beyond.
  • Leaning Towers I // "I remembered the sense of discovery as each pitch came together and allowed us access to the next. The sounds of upward progress: scraping picks digging through hard snow, sharp inhales of deep breaths in the cool air, the long awaited call of 'Off belay.'" // 📝 for @alpinistmag by friend, mentor, and billygoat gruff @grahamzimmerman. Graham and I spent a couple weeks in Southeast BC this fall with Alix Morris and @jabegg playing scrabble, snacking and haggling up some new rock lines // link in profile for Graham's tale of unplanned bivies and the joy of exploring the fringes with friends ✨🌄