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Neque integer enim donec volutpat nibh ut nibh aenean et nunc ut sollicitudin cras curabitur hendrerit…

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  • Sacred Strides VI // Mr Merryboy, the resident Medicine Man. Each night Merryboy appeared around dusk, bringing with him a lantern, an all knowing smile, and the long breaths to speak the old stories to the young runners.
  • Sacred Strides V // Over the course of the past week runners traversed mountains and plains, through high desert and dense evergreens, following four lane highways to county roads and unmarked dirt tracks, snow melt trickling into streams braiding into rivers, shapes moving in the early morning light and into the night, young and old, fast and slow, Ute and Navajo, Hopi and Pueblo, with stories as varied as the terrain through which they moved, the runners followed old paths towards sacred lands of origin. Though the peoples indigenous to the Bears Ears region have scattered and factioned over the course of millennia, this retracing of scattering a return to the source, marks a slow convergence honoring shared connection the the land, a synchronized series of steps towards healing and unity for all peoples and the earth from which they’re born. @wings_of_america #protectbearsears
  • Sacred Strides IV // As the last of the four parties of runners (lead by the Ute and Ute Mountain tribes) converged near Red Mesa, the runners were joined briefly by a equine running club. Five of them galloped alongside the highway, occasionally stopping to wait or watch, then pacing alongside again. This carried on for a couple miles. Later this fellow, the wild one of the bunch, wrecked into a barbed wire fence. His hind leg wrapped in wire I watched as he alternately sat and thrashed. Approaching him slowly in a quiet moment between thrashes I gripped the post and reached out to cut the tangled wire. We locked eyes for a moment, he thrashed again, and freed himself. Later a lone horse stood watch on the ridge as the sun set, sparks and stars and stories of creation swirling in our camp below. @wings_of_america
  • Sacred Strides III // Whe La Ta - Big bear clan. Say Tha - Little Eagle Clan. Soft spoken and rock solid, Dale’s presence has been a reminder of the importance of listening, watching, supporting, and when the time comes giving it all we have.
  • Sacred Strides II // “Before horses, before cars, we had our feet. These are the old paths we’ve always known.” - @quinnthenavajo speaking to his @wings_of_america youth this morning #sacredstridesforhealing #bearsears
  • Sacred Strides I // Organized by @wings_of_america the Bears Ears Prayer Run Alliance kicked off yesterday with runners from Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Ute, Pueblo and Apache tribes carrying prayers from Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. The tradition of running in native cultures of the Southwest to carry news between villages is deeply rooted; the coming together of members of multiple tribes in this manner however is somewhat unprecedented, fueled by a unified willingness to stand, run, and offer prayer together for the lands of what was (briefly) Bears Ears National Monument and what has long been known to be sacred land for the peoples of this area. Joined each day by members of various tribes, and supported by a network of allies, runners will cover over 1000 miles as their routes eventually converge this weekend in Bears Ears. Link in profile if you would like to learn more about the alliance and/or come out to run or support this week.
  • This is Dad. He is 82. He likes to wear short shorts and/or no pants, float wild rivers, sing along to the Doors, nap, give Doug-hugs, and drive his tractor even when mom says he isn’t allowed to anymore because he rolled it off the side of a mountain and caught it on fire ONE time. He also likes to write books! His latest book is about homeschooling, traveling with kiddos and not worrying too much about killing them, etc. •  DISCLAIMER: I have zero experience as a parent from which to evaluate whether or not this is a good book. I did however spend a few years as a kid back in the 80’s and early 90’s, and from a kid’s perspective, Dad’s book and the philosophies outlined in it are spot on. •  I have cleverly copied and pasted a link to the book in my profile for anyone who wants to learn more, and/or make Dad’s day by ordering a copy. He will sign it for you. He will also probably write you a nice personal message even if he doesn’t know you. He will give you a Doug-hug sometime if he sees you. •  If you take into account the number of meals Dad has fed me over the past 31 years, this definitely qualifies as my first #official #sponsored #post #ad #etcetc #youtookthekidswhere? #dadsbooktodaybudweisertomorrow
  • Love. Support. Humility. Kindness. Fire. Grit. Passion. Intelligence. Community. Determination. Equality. Justice. Inspired to see so many diverse representations and expressions of human solidarity as folks take to the streets for International Women’s Day. Proud of all the women in my life and beyond who work everyday to inspire, challenge, nurture and lead us. Here’s to the continued evolution of ideals and paradigms today and for many days to come as we work together towards a more just and equitable world. #internationalwomensday
  • Nature laps with @semi_rad and @canyonwoodward at this weeks Fontandango 50 mile event. Can’t think of too many folks I’d rather spend time shuffling in circles with through the Appalachian hills. Inspired by the work these guys do on and off their feet, so much psyche and positive energy for working to help create the world they want to live in and offering unconditional support (and snacks) for the people close to them - of which I have been a huge benefactor. Check the link in profile for Brendan’s film “How to Run 100 Miles” and follow along with Canyon as he sets off to run his first hundred miler while also running a state rep campaign in Maine.
  • To me this photo really captures the spirit of what running feels like; if you never actually run and just imagine what running must feel like. Wind on you face, sun at your back, hollywood efx fanning up dust in your wake, eye of the tiger pumping to the steady rhythm of faultless footfalls. My friend @semi_rad made a pretty neat film that really captures the essence of none of this, but is about friendship, keeping moving, keeping perspective, and all of that stuff that actually happens when you run; a clammy wind on your chafed nips, sun syphoning electrolytes from your body, clouds of noxious gas emanating from your running partner, the sound of the pain train getting ready to flatten you and the scattered rhythm of exhausted legs moving over uneven ground. *i know most of you stopped reading after you heard what you wanted to hear, but for those of you who stuck it out, there’s a link to a pretty neat film in my profile - congrats @semi_rad on an awesome film, thanks to @aidanhaley for editor ninja magic on editing out my heavy breathing and giggles, and to @vimeo for the staff pick*
  • shout out to mother nature for not curb stomping any of us too hard  this week, and to all the fun spirited and hardworking folks who leaned into the Icelandic winds to help pull off another fine shoot; grateful for each day I get to stick my face behind a camera and call it work and for the good people who help make it all happen 🤙🙌 @elliotstudio @jackschow @jasonwangstudio @tracee_alvord @hlynurhelgi @theempireexpeditions @heidinymark @maurawar @lumpyspaceprincess @becclane @annie.mick @sigruneva @philippe_leblond @meganschaut @magnusmab @kereesmith @arcticsurfers
  • Some roads hate forks, some forks hate roads. Fortunately most of them mind their own business and proceed in a functional manner. #takemenowhere #knifeintheroad