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Neque integer enim donec volutpat nibh ut nibh aenean et nunc ut sollicitudin cras curabitur hendrerit…

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  • Will-o'-wisps of the Western steps
  • @ken_etzel tracking unicorns in the Sierra high country last fall. Looking forward to seeing this shot and a handful of others images in fine inked up company in latest issue of @adventurejournal #printisntdead #unicornsmightbebutyouwillhavetotalktokenabouthat #adventurejournal
  • "You came back!" Smiled the clerk in the general store in Talkeetna. He had sold me a clutch of cookies a few weeks prior. I was surprised he remembered. Later as he rang us up on the old register he looked up and through me, "Not all of them do you know. That's a fact."
  • Where the sidewalk never began
  • Lost in the echoes of a vast silence, surrounded by rippling reminders of a time when the earth shifted and we were not here, darkness sifting into light, imperceptible at first, spindrift on skin too cold to melt. Keep moving. The light comes, and so too it leaves. We are here again, down where we were up, little changed save for us.
  • Mashed potato marauders and the quest for the holy gravy grail on Mt Barrill
  • “I think I’ve got summit fever.” I said, which is a stupid thing to say, and even stupider not to. I owed Graham that much. I had stopped making good decisions long enough ago that I couldn’t remember when or how it started, could only feel where it had settled, somewhere in the frontal cortex, a heavy weight toppling me forward, my feet following. “I know” Graham said, slowly running his face through his hands and then his hands through his hair. We sat in silence for awhile. I could feel the eerie echoes still, the whomp and sigh of the snow settling below us. I knew before he said it, we needed to go home. As we turned towards camp, adrenaline dissipated and everything felt equally heavy - arms and legs and packs and priorities reclaiming their relative gravities. In the frozen exhales of another day passing, a golden light appeared to the east and by and by a full moon winked and sauntered overhead, lighting our way back across the glacier to camp. Climb another day he seemed to say, tonight is a fine night for trundling to and fro. Grateful to my parter GZ and the old man in the moon for the reminder that "up" is but one of many worthwhile directions.
  • "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." // Leaving @mountainfilm feeling fired up to keep dreaming and pushing as together we innovate, ideate, and advocate for the future of our planet, cultivating boldness and harnessing the magic of "beginning now". Small steps made in unison can carry us far. #thenewnormal #actonclimate #keepparis #childrenofclimatechange #wearenotdrowning #wearefighting
  • Super excited to be showing a selection of images from the Children of Climate Change series here @mountainfilm this weekend as a part of  #TheNewNormalIf you’re around for the art walk today swing through @slategraygallery and come say hey! Also be sure to check out the other shows - awesome work from @thealchemistress @renanozturk @e.l.johns @stephenmdupont and heaps more@canyonsage and I will be at Slate all afternoon along with legends @argonautphoto and @danny_schmidt@amplifierfoundation is sharing some beautiful (and free!) art @ghsottowntelluride next door, and we’ve got a few limited edition postcard prints for you guys to snag downstairs at SlateMassive thanks to the Pacific Climate Warriors (@fentonluntun, Koreti, Kavika, Debby, and all the crew!) for allowing @canyonsage and I to share a small piece of their story. Thanks also to @kt_klings and @davidholbrooke for rallying the troops around #TheNewNormal and continuing to prioritize  and stimulate conversations around climate change and inspiring action here at #MF17. Big thanks also to Drew Ludwig, @elliotstudio and @colorspace_artimaging
  • hello old friends
  • Alaska. Where the "small" ones still feel pretty damn big.
  • I swear I saw a mountain over here somewhere