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Neque integer enim donec volutpat nibh ut nibh aenean et nunc ut sollicitudin cras curabitur hendrerit…

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  • Cascade chameleon with a taste for the toothsome
  • By now we were about ten miles off route, and everything was going fine and we were having a pleasant time. I knew where there were some beers under a boulder in the stream two days walk from here and took comfort in that as well as knowing what silly fellows we had grown up to be.
  • omnist rays for the prove it send
  • what the cavern provided in scenic repose, it lacked in warm cheese dips and many other amenities which the modern man has been found partial to. even the greatest explorers require basic amenities. at dawn we moved onward, our spirits lofted as if upon the wings of the bats with which we slept the night prior, leathery little air mice that they are
  • if you like to battle rats you may like this cave. my dear compadre Young Eli here is one of the top rat-battlers in the greater Methow area; though he rarely harms them or sends them to meet their makers, for they are nimble-bobs and have earned the right to lord over this domain and its spectacular views. indeed in deed we mostly rest our tired bodies in harmony with the cave creatures and the element of battle is symbolic, if not exactly symbiotic. there, two words with many similar letters to end a story of small meanings, I do hope you find what you are looking for today
  • what a nice place to put some mountain
  • Blake and I met in a one room school house in North Cascades National Park, about fifteen miles down valley from where this photo was taken. We were twelve. We got permission to bring our fly rods to school, sneaking off to fish rainbow creek during recess and forming a mutually beneficial alliance during “bike wars” that summer. It took us twenty years of mucking around and four days of walking to finally make it up here to climb together. It was a circuitous but rather enjoyable approach.
  • granít-pedis
  • I paid the troll toll. It was an agreeable arrangement for all parties
  • This is a nice spot for making blood donations to the resident mosquito horde. DM me for exact coordinates if you have too much blood in you.
  • Climbing photographers: getting their friends benighted since time immemorial. A favorite day from last summer in the Cascades w/ Blake Herrington @thegiles @mravits @stephwilliams9010 🌚
  • High country picnic season just around the corner, time to sharpen your sporks and start hoarding gas station condiment packets.